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About me

Hi my name is Martina Rodinis.

I was born in Trieste in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

I have a degree in Tourism Economics, I speak English, French and Spanish!

I love to travel and in my life I have seen beautiful places (I continue to see them… ..) but the more I travel, the more I realize how beautiful my region is.

So I decided to write a blog to introduce this magnificent land, hidden, unspoiled and out of mass tourism.

I deal with the creation of customized itineraries in Friuli Venezia Giulia and I collaborate with the best online travel agencies to create special and unique experiences!


How was Martinissimaviaggi born?

Martinissimaviaggi derives from my name Martina. It was born a bit as a game, as a pastime to be able to tell my adventures in the world. But then I thought of creating something specific and out of the ordinary.

If I had written my adventures and travels in the world I would have been one of the many travel bloggers who tell about their travels, but instead, I wanted to be different….

So, I decided to specialize on Friuli Venezia Giulia, a very broad topic that contains within it a small, but big world to be discovered!

In Friuli Venezia Giulia there are hidden treasures that people don’t even imagine….

In my blog you will find my stories lived going in search of new places, typical recipes, itineraries and tips to find the best hotels!

Enjoy the reading!

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