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Curling Bisiac in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Everything you want to know!

During the Christmas holidays, it is now a tradition to go and see curling in Ronchi dei Legionari.

In fact, from 2013 to today, “The Christmas Garden” is created every year where a skating rink and two curling rinks are set up.

Around the slopes, a real village is created: there are bars, rides for children, stage for events, in short, a festive atmosphere!

How was Curling Bisiac born?

All was born from an idea of ​​an association of traders called “Ronchi Live” who wanted to create something innovative for this beautiful country in the province of Gorizia.

So they tried to find a sport that was easy to practice for both adults and children.

So here is the idea of ​​curling!

But as we all know, real curling is very expensive, in fact it is played with stones which are granite stones that cost around 1000 euros.


During an afternoon in a bar, on the occasion of the association meeting someone had the brilliant idea, to use pressure cookers to play! They are cheap and everyone in the house has one and above all they are easy to hold!

It is called Bisiac because Ronchi dei Legionari is located precisely in Bisiacaria (literally land between two waters) is the geographical area that is between two rivers: the Timavo and the Isonzo.

The Bisiac Curling Teams In 2013 when it started, there were only 10 teams and then every year they grew to reach this edition with 64 teams! A real milestone! The names of the teams are very funny, they are typically from the area and obviously written in dialect!

Even their uniforms are very particular, in fact some dress up as if it were Carnival! Speleostones come to mind dressed as Speleologists!

In addition, the most important teams also have their mascot that entertain the audience with their playful animations!

Here is the team of the “Alci de Vemean” and the team of the “Adula..tori” There is always a lot of competition between the two teams …

This season was won by “Gli Adula..tori”


The Christmas garden, in addition to the Curling Bisiac championship, also hosts many events….

The most famous was that of January 6th on the occasion of the final which featured the singer Elisa!

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