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Download the first chapter of the Trieste travel guide for free

Are you planning your trip to Trieste ?

I wrote a travel guide about this fantastic city!

This travel guide is completely different from the ones that you buy in the shops because it is as if there was a person close to you who explian everything you see before your eyes.

Why did I choose to write this travel guide?

I love traveling but it happend to me very often to find myself in situation of anxiety and haste that are typical of organised trip.

You have to run after a group, the guide is not waiting for you and  you can’t even take pictures and understand the true meaning of the works.

Did you also tryed this situation?

So I decided to write a travel guide about my city, Trieste.

But I wanted to write something different, not just give advice on restaurants, or give historical news on the monuments, because otherwise it would have been the usual travel guide!

So I decided to focus on a part of the city, the oldest one: the hill of Saint Giusto.

Thus was born I love Saint Giusto!

What is the travel guide talk about?

My travel guide is called” I love Saint Giusto”

It was written by a local who knows the area very well. Here you will find both news on how to get to Sanit Giusto, starting from the train station (you have three possibilities for cars, buses, on foot, where I also explain how to buy the bus ticket if the newsstand is closed).

 Then you will find a description of the Monument of the Fallen, of the Roman remains.

 After we will go to the discovery of the castle of Saint Giusto, where you will read its history and the events that took place inside it. I will also introduce you to the story of Micheze and Jakeze, two bronze statues that have become the symbol of Trieste.

 Later, you will be able to enter the Cathedral, admire all the works of art with your times, without having the rush to run after a group.

 But most importantly you will have the chance to take pictures, which for a tourist is the most important thing!

If I intrigued you, you can download a chapter of my travel guide for free, so you can see if you like it! 

Then don’t waste time!


Free download the first chapter of my e-book
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Where can I buy the travel guide I love Saint Giusto? 

If you want to buy my travel guide, you can find it in Kindle format on the Amazon store

Click here to buy it 

Furthermore, if you need help or advice on excursions to do in the Trieste area, or you want to be advised on the type of hotel you can ask me for information! I will be happy to help you! 

Write me!

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