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The Viatori garden in Gorizia: a show of flowers and colors  

Have you ever been to the Viatori garden? It is a wonderful place to discover spring! In my opinion it is a beautiful season because nature awakens from its lethargy, giving us fantastic colors and scents!

Do you also love flowers and nature?

Then follow me!

How to get to the Viatori garden?

The garden is located in Gorizia in via Forte del Bosco 28.

If you arrive from the A34 highway, you must exit at Gorizia, and follow the signs for the center and then towards Udine. When you get to the Isonzo bridge you have to turn right for Piedimonte.

At this point, follow the signs for the Piuma park where you will find a parking space. Leave your car and walk for about 200 meters. You have arrived at the Viatori garden.

Opening period

The garden Viatori is open from March to June only on Saturdays and Sundays and other public holidays, from 15 to 19.

Entry is free! At 5pm you can participate in the guided tour.

How was the Viatori garden born?

The Viatori garden was born in the 70s at the behest of Luciano Viatori who was a lover of botany.

His great desire was to create an English-style garden.

So after various searches, he bought a 25,000 square meter land in Gorizia which was on a hill.

The landscape was gorgeous: on one side you could see the castle and on the other the mountains. (It still remains so today).

Luciano designed his garden based on his travels to England.

He created 3 levels of terraces, all connected with paths and stairs.

In the second level there was a crater generated by a bomb from the Second World War and so he came up with the idea of ​​transforming it into an artificial lake. 500 varieties of azaleas, 150 species of rhododendrons, 300 types of rare roses, 50 ways of camellias and 120 magnolias from the collection of Lord Peter Smithers and Van Veen of Lugano have been added to the Viatori garden.

What was Luciano Viatori’s idea?

According to Viatori, botany had to be a way to be guided by plants and to make man understand that he is part of nature. A completely slow nature compared to the rhythms of people but nevertheless very fascinated.

After Viatori’s death in 2014, the garden with the owner’s will was donated to the Cassa di Risparmio Di Gorizia Foundation which today takes care of it and opens it to the public.

The best time is May because you can see all the flowering species.

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