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The ” Giardino Pubblico” in Trieste, in the footsteps of Svevo!

It is not only  a playground!

When I was a child, my grandmother always took me to play at the “Giardino Pubblico” in Trieste. I spent my days running, going on the slide and on the swings! I had nice memories!

Now, I’m a mom and I bring my son to play right here!

However, I do not want to focus on the games, but on the history of the ” Giardino pubblico” and the guests that are placed inside it.

Some historical notes of the  ” Giardino pubblico”

All the people who live in Trieste, they call it the Giardino pubblico

He is famous above all for the novel “La coscienza di Zeno” written by Italo Svevo, where the protagonist spends most of his time in this place.

It was built by Munzio de Tommasini, commander of Trieste, between 1854 and 1864. At the beginning, he wanted to build a church and other residential buildings, but the project was not successful, so it was decided to create a park .

How is the park today?

Today, the ” giardino pubblico” has seven entrances, has 30,000 square meters of green area where there are 368 trees (such as plane trees, elms, horse chestnuts, oaks, cedars).

Among all the trees stands the plane tree, declared monument by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Entering  from Via Marconi, where there is Rossetti’s monument, we can find busts of the illustrious figures of the city. To name a few:

  • Gambini (well-known writer and journalist)
  • Stuparich (gold medal for military value)

Or you can also meet Julius Kugy

But the most famous characters in the public garden are surely Joyce and Svevo.

Looking at their busts, you will stop to think:

  • How many times have the two friends traveled these streets?
  • What will their speeches have been?
  • How were they dressed in that period?

I too have asked myself these questions!

I must say that I found some answers by reading the book “Triestine Itineraries Italo Svevo” by Renzo S.Crivelli and Cristina Benussi.

It is a very interesting book that makes you discover all the places frequented by Svevo from youth to old age, you can also know the monuments of the city.

It is also very useful for tourists because it is written in English! I advise it you!

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