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The origins of Grado are linked to those of the nearby Roman town of Aquileia (181 BC), but when trade grow,  the small port was no longer sufficient, so another settlement called Gradus (which in Latin means precisely a port) was created near the lagoon. 

Here the big ships arrived and unloaded the goods on smaller boats carrying goods to Aquileia. During 452 AD due to the barbarian invasions of Attila, many inhabitants of Aquileia moved to Grado.

But the maximum expansion occurred in 568 AD when the Lombards invaded Friuli.

At this point the patriarch Paolino transferred the seat of the Patriarchate of Aquilelia making Grado an important political and religious center. In fact, in this period the two most important churches date back: the basilica of Santa Eufemia and that of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

However the prestige period of this town did not last long, in fact Venice between the IX and X century became very powerful so much to insert under its domain both Aquileia and Grado, thus creating a decline of the two cities and making it the latter just a fishing place.

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