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Do you want to discover the origins of Trieste?
Here is the guide for you!

It is a guide book completely different from the others, because it is as if a person is close to you, describing everything you see before your eyes!

I could say it is a written audio guide!

Furthermore, it was written by a person born and raised in Trieste and therefore gives you information that only a local person knows!

Here are the reasons to buy it!    

  •  I will take you to Saint Giusto starting from the train station, I will show you 3 different itineraries passing through the hidden streets of Trieste     
  • Once you arrive at the oldest hill in the city you can discover the history of the Fallen Monument, the Roman Forum     
  • You will discover the secrets that are hidden in the Castle     
  • You will be able to see a wonderful landscape of the city and visit the Cathedral     
  • I will show you a sundial that few people know     
  • You will be able to see Winchkelmann’s Cenotaph with your own eyes and visit the Museum of History and Art

Here’s what people who bought the book say

A lean and easy-to-read guide, containing curiosities also unknown to Trieste people. Excellent for those who want to deepen what is written in the classic tourist guides of the whole city.


good Martina your book is simple and easy to understand, therefore suitable for everyone. Both expert tourists and more improvised ones.

This guide accompanies you on your visit to Trieste … and makes you want to visit this splendid city … still good Martina


clear and agile guide of the monuments around the cathedral of San Giusto aTrieste, accompanied by numerous photos with simple language



Excellent guide. Very clear. I have seen things I did not know. Good job.


A different guide who accompanies you step by step in your visit and allows you to be able to visit the most ancient and rich in history of our beautiful city with your own time and pleasure. Interesting historical news. I learned things I didn’t know. Comfortable pocket size. Compliments.


Your guide is simply perfect and comprehensive. It really makes you want to do the itinerary


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