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The Martinissimaviaggi Newsletter

The Martinissimaviaggi newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with me, we can become friends!

Through my emails you will discover new places in my region, have recipes, tips, you can book the most particular experiences that Friuli Venezia Giulia offers!

Here are 3 reasons to sign up!     

  • You will receive for free my guide “Trieste first time”, a Pdf guide where you will find all the tips to better organize your holiday in Trieste, tips that only a local person knows!    
  •  You can receive booking and airbnb discounts at certain times of the year    
  •  As a bonus, you will also receive the first chapter of my book “I love San Giusto Tourist Guide” Do not wait!! Sign up now!

Keep in touch!
Free download my e-book " First Time in Trieste"
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keep in touch!
Have you ever been to Trieste? Free download my " First time in Trieste"
We respect your privacy.
Restiamo in contatto!
Scarica subito gratis la guida " Trieste istruzioni per l'uso" Inoltre, riceverai come bonus anche il mio primo capitolo della mia guida" I love San Giusto"
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