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Sas de San Belin!

Discovering a monolith!

I found the” sas de San Belin” by chance. In fact, one day talking to our friends who live in Polazzo (near Redipuglia in the province of Gorizia) they told me that nearby there is a very easy path for children of about 30 minutes.

So we ( me, my husband and my son) got curious and we started to discover this beautiful stone.

How to get to the Sas de San Belin?

You have to go to Polazzo, in”via degli ulivi 52″, from here start a small road, after a few steps you will find the indication to go to the stone.

Follow the path in the woods, then take the one with the name Cianela.

The latter is named after the lord Luciano Visintin, known as Cianela, who brought to light the way to the sas de San San Belin that for many years had been abandoned.

It took many hours of work and sacrifices that gave their fruits. In fact, today the path is kept very well, there are dry stone walls made with all the white Karst stone. The same author also created an amphitheater where concerts can be held during the summer.

In short, a truly exceptional work!

Origins of the Sas de San Belin

Before writing an article on my blog I always look for useful informations.

So even in this case, I found on the net news on the sas de San Belin.

I must say that the research made me know a dark reality of this place.

But let’s start from the origins, during the age of the “castellieri”, in the area there were some shamans who loved the sun disk. Later, when the Celts arrived, they turned the site into an altar for the god Beleno, hence the name San Belin.

Here is also explained why the stone has a human head shape!

If you do not know, Beleno was the god of light, of rebirth, so something very positive in my opinion.

But reading other information I find that there are legends about the sas de San Belin that put a lot of fear, that talk about witches and devils.

In fact,  the most famous leggend  is that told by the historian Sergio Vittori where the protagonists are Giuseppe and Marietta, names of fantasy.

The leggend

Giuseppe was a young man who lived in Fogliano. One day, a beautiful girl called Marietta arrived in the   village, she loved red roses. As soon as he saw her, Giuseppe fell in love with her.

He was very jealous of the beauty of Marietta so he followed her day and night. 

Giuseppe’s mother was very worried because in the village it was said that Marietta was a witch but he did not want to believe this nonsense.

So during a summer day when there was a full moon, Giuseppe followed Marietta and her friend who took the road to the Karst. Here they met other girls from neighboring countries and began to dance and invoke the devil and then climb into the Sas de San Belin. Giuseppe was very afraid but he followed the procession the same, without being seen.

The next morning he told everything to his mother, who told to the village what his son had seen during the night. But unfortunately, when she returned home, she found Giuseppe dead on the ground and Marietta’s rose was next to him.

In this legend, the sas de San Belin  is described as something mystical and scary, but in my opinion the place is very quiet and not feeling any anxiety, indeed being in contact with nature is very relaxing and the view deserves a photo!

I leave you the choice to believe or not to legends.

Below you can see the photos I took judging you if it’s a scary place!

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