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My services

1) I deal with the creation of customized itineraries in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Let’s take an example, you want to come to my region and you have a dog and you don’t know which places are ideal for your dog.

In this case, entrusting yourself to me, I will show you through an itinerary the places where you can bring your dog, I will tell you the structures that accept it, the beaches that are there, giving you valid advice that only a local person knows.

2) I can create a tailor-made tour guide

Example: Are you an archeology enthusiast? My job is to provide you with a pdf guide, where I will explain the whole itinerary.

In this case, I go to the place in person, take photos, and give you all the historical information about that place, as if there was a flesh and blood person with you. In this way you don’t have to run after a group and you can visit the monuments in your own time and above all you can take all the photos you want!

3) I can create GPS tracks for bike lovers again, I will try to meet your needs!

4) Create photo videos

Do you have many photos of your holiday and you don’t know how to put them together? I’ll handle that!

Through a program I can create a video with effects and music so that I can see them as a movie!

5) Video editing

Have you made a video but don’t know how to edit it?

Also on this I can help you! Send me all the clips and then I do the editing making it a movie!

6) Create your blog!

I created the blog you see here! I can help you create a blog from scratch!  

If you are interested in one or more services, write to

Don’t worry, I am not asking for a million dollar amount!

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