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Useful tips for tourists who want to see the Barcolana!

Only a few days to go before the biggest event in the city: La Barcolana!

On this occasion, Trieste comes alive, it becomes alive and full of tourists! For us, Trieste is the most important party of the year!

The seventh before the race is characterized by events, shows of all kinds (concerts by famous musicians with free admission!)

The streets are filled with stands selling typical products and sporting sailing items. You can eat with little money in all the stalls, tasting the specialties (like “sardoni in savor”, “porcina” with sauerkraut and many others …)

It is a real joy !!

But how was the Barcolana born?

It was 1969 when a group of sailing enthusiasts asked the authorities to be able to make a sailing competition in the gulf of Barcola (hence the name Barcolana).

Conditions: it was enough to have a sailboat!

Whoever came to the buoy first won, but without any compensation, one participated only to have fun!

The authorities gave their consent for the second Sunday in October.

In a short time the news of the race spread, reaching all the sailing clubs of Trieste.

The big day arrived and 51 boats participated!

For the newspaper of the time it was a success!

From that day every year the Barcolana is celebrated in Trieste.

Today, boat registrations are around 2800 members (everyone can participate: both professionals and sailing enthusiasts, the important thing is to have fun!).

Here are my tips!

If you want to come to Trieste during the Barcolana, you have to book your hotel almost a year before, because the flow of tourists is very high and everyone wants to stay in Trieste.

But, few know that it is enough to find a hotel in the nearby places such as Monfalcone, Ronchi dei Legionari or Sistiana.

These are located about 30 km from Trieste, but are well served, in fact they are connected by trains and buses (there is a train that departs from Monfalcone to Trieste, every 30 minutes, or you can take line 51 that connects the airport in the center of Trieste).

Moreover, if you stay in one of these places, during the period of the Barcolana event, coming by train or bus you will avoid going crazy to look for a parking space in the center.

I tell you right away, that it’s impossible !!

So, I advise you to choose your hotel / apartment with Booking because you find so many offers and the facilities have excellent quality!

Here is the link to book!

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The best places to see the Barcolana

You can see the Barcolana in two ways: from the sea or from the Carso.

From the sea you can go to Barcola (from the center of the city you can take the bus n.6 or 36, to see the timetables and stops, I suggest you to download the free Moovit app on google store)

Go and take your seat about 3 hours before, otherwise you won’t see anything!

In the meantime, you can take a walk on the beach and enjoy the sun!

From the Karst (it is the Trieste plateau) you can use public transport to reach it.

The best places are “La Napoleonica” (the final part, coming from Prosecco) or at the Sanctuary of “Monte Grisa”, from here dominates the entire gulf and you can see the spectacle of the sails.


On the occasion of the Barcolana, every year there are events that give greater importance to the Barcolana.

The ones that come to mind are the historic train and the Vespucci ship.

The historic train leaves Udine and arrives in Trieste and then returns to Udine. Seeing it live is a real thrill! With its locomotive and its black smoke it seems to have returned to the beginning of the century!

The Vespucci ship

Also this year the Vespucci ship will arrive in Trieste.

You can visit it for free!

I’ll tell you his story … The Vespucci is a training ship, used to train students of the Navy.

It was built in the shipyard of Castellamare di Stabia in 1931.

It entered service in June of the same year.

His motion is “Not who starts but what he will”.

This sentence was pronounced by Leonardo da Vinci and indicates the fact that it is not important to start a project but complete it.

The ship also takes care of safeguarding the natural heritage and the marine environment, it also collaborates with the WWF, UNICEF, MAREVIVO. For its diplomatic activities it is also considered a traveling Italian embassy.  You have to visit!

This is the visiting time

– Thursday 10 October: from 5.30pm to 8.30pm;

– Friday 11 October: from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm;

– Saturday 12 October: from 2pm to 6pm;

– Sunday 13 October: from 09.30 to 13.

I went last year, here I can show you my photos!

Would you like to have a tour package on the Barcolana for next year? Write me!

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