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Have you ever been to Zoncolan for skiing?

I am very close to Zoncolan because I always went there with my parents as a child.

It is here, in fact, that I learned to ski, thanks to the excellent teachers!

I haven’t been there for many years and I really felt the desire to go back with my family….

So by fitting the work and school commitments of my son we managed to take a weekend!

If it is the first time you come to Zoncolan here are some tips …

How to get to the Zoncolan?

To get to this beautiful place you can choose two solutions: the first is to go to Ravascletto (Ud), park your car and take the cable car that takes you to the Zoncolan.

If you need to rent skis, find a shop right next to the cable car.

The second solution is to take the road to Sutrio (it is the route that goes around the “Giro d ‘Italia”, so there is a lot of climbing). We chose the first solution.

The ski pass

In all of Friuli Venezia Giulia there is the possibility to buy the Skipass by the hour (minimum 3) or to take the daily or afternoon.

My advice is to take 3 hours (if you have small children, because they get tired immediately).

Also, always take insurance, even if you know how to ski … not for you, but because it can happen as it happened to me, that someone comes against you.

So, better prevent….

The ski pass is located just below the Ravascletto cable car.

While, if you arrive from Sutrio, as soon as you leave the car park you will find the office to buy your ski pass.

If you arrive by cable car, you are directly on top of the Zoncolan.

The view is gorgeous! You really feel free!

If you need a coffee, find the refuge immediately!

Beautiful is also to sunbathe with deck chairs (pay a deposit of 2 euros). To warm up, do some descents on the pitches that are right nearby!

The ski run of the Zoncolan

There are ski run for all tastes and for all levels of preparation.

It ranges from the blue ones which are the easiest ones, up to the black one which is the most difficult.

Where to eat?

If you have taken the daily, you can go to eat at the Tamai refuge which is located directly on the ski run.

You eat well, you have sandwiches with sausage or typical dishes like Frico!

But if you took the 3 hours, I don’t think you will be able to eat at high altitude because you have to calculate that you have to be at the cable car before the three hours expire otherwise you will not come back !!!

No, I’m kidding!

You can always go down the track that connects the Zoncolan with Ravascletto which, however, is demanding and requires good training. I don’t recommend it for children who are beginners on skis!

My suggestion is to get off the cable car, take the car (about 10 minutes from Ravascletto towards Comeglians) there is a beautiful restaurant called Dolomiti Village.

You eat very well, especially typical dishes!

In addition, you can take the set menu (first, second, side dish) and really respect me!

It is a well-kept place!

In addition, you can also sleep there, because there are beautiful wooden chalets and there is also the wellness center where you can relax! I recommend it!!!

Where do you go skiing? Leave a comment!

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